Service Details

  • Use of Canadian Maple Leaf address on your business card, letterhead, and website
  • Receive and store emails, forwarding if requested
  • Access to office room, meeting room, conference room or work desk at the discounted rate
  • Complimentary High Sped wifi
  • Personalized telephone answering.
  • Automated after-hours answering machine
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Call forwarding to another number


  • 117 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue (VIP Road Suite 9S mailing address
  • Private Mailbox
  • Mail and Parcel Received and Signed for
  • Access to Board Room/Meeting Room/Office Space at Discounted Rate
  • Online Meeting Room/Board Room/Office Room Booking
  • Online Meeting Room/Board Room/Office Room Booking
  • Free on-site Wifi
  • Reception Services
  • E-Fax Service
  • Personalized Telephone Answering
  • Automated after-hours answering service
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Transfer calls to remote numbers


  • $60 USD / Month
  • 5,000 TK / Month

Rules & Regulations

  • Can not issue trade license or VAT certificate against this address.
  • Maple Leaf staff will make their best efforts to satisfy the client by fulfilling the terms of the agreement, however, they will not be held responsible for deficiencies which are beyond their control. For example Internet, phone, photocopy machine etc.
  • Following business activities either for the rooms/virtual office will not be acceptable
    • Manpower
    • Multilevel marketing
    • Real estates
    • Unauthorized Drugs
    • Political Activities
    • Any sort of unsocial and or illegal activities (e.g. escort services, gambling,) and or anti-religion (any religion) activities
    • Any activities that involve cash transactions by the occupants will be allowed.